About QV

QV is made by Ego Pharmaceuticals, an Australian-owned company that has led the way in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative skincare products for over 60 years. 

A specialist in skincare, backed by science, Ego was the first company in Australia to develop a soap alternative for sensitive skin.

 In 1975, Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Hospital asked the company to develop a bath oil for use by their team of dermatologists. By 1978, QV skin emollients (named after the hospital) were so popular, the range was introduced into pharmacy.

 It is this extraordinary legacy that assures you QV products are amongst the best in the world for sensitive skin.

Almost four decades after the birth of QV Skincare, the name QV remains synonymous with quality and innovation.  An iconic Australian brand trusted by generations to cleanse and moisturise dry sensitive skin, QV Skincare is embraced by people wanting soothing products for their dry skin, or practical, gentle skincare for everyday use.

Alan Oppenheim, Managing Director of Ego Pharmaceuticals

Alan Oppenheim, Managing Director of Ego Pharmaceuticals