NICE recommends use of emollients like QV


NICE guidance suggests emollients should be used “as the basis of atopic eczema management, even when the skin is clear” and that healthcare professionals should offer a choice of un-perfumed emollients suited to the patient’s needs and preferences, for everyday moisturising, washing and bathing. ⁶²

Emollients should be:

  • Used more often and in larger amounts than other treatments

  • Used on the whole body even when atopic eczema is clear

  • Used while using other treatments

  • Used instead of soaps and detergent-based wash products

  • Used instead of shampoos for children aged under 12 months

  • Offered as a single product for all purposes or a combination (offer alternatives if one emollient causes irritation or is not acceptable).

NICE recommends 250-500g per week of emollients for children and 500g plus for adults. ⁶³