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Spring Time and Sensitive Skin

The spring months are officially here! As the temperatures slowly begin to rise and we start to say goodbye to the cold winter days, our skin can often react to the change in weather - especially for those who have a skin condition.

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Healthcare Science Week: A history of QV Skincare

Did you know that our parent company Ego Pharmaceuticals focuses on science and innovation to develop our products? We value our products behind the ethos ‘The Science of Healthy Skin’, and as Healthcare Science Week is approaching - an opportunity to recognise the work of our incredible healthcare science professionals - we wanted to celebrate our iconic QV brand.

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Why use a specialist cleanser?

Keeping your skin clean and healthy is vitally important after all the skin is the largest organ in the human body. As well as performing a number of functions that are vital to health, such as temperature regulation and insulation, skin plays a key role in preventing water loss and protecting us against external aggressors that cause disease. Keeping it healthy is important.

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Jo's Story

We’d like you to meet Jo Scott. As part of our A Hand to Hold campaign, we have been speaking to people who cope with a sensitive skin condition on a daily basis.

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World Psoriasis Day

Monday, 29th October marks World Psoriasis Day; an occasion which aims to raise awareness of a condition which affects an estimated 125 million people worldwide.[1] This includes 1.8 million people in the UK.[2]

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Eczema is more than skin deep.

Here at QV, we understand that sensitive skin conditions can have a devastating impact on mental health, with more than 30% of surveyed people with atopic dermatitis saying they have been diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety, according to the National Eczema Association.[1]

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How to handle the stigma of Ichthyosis

“What’s wrong with your child?” A question that no parent should ever have to hear, but sadly for parents of children with Ichthyosis, rude and hurtful comments are not that uncommon.

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“The only scratchy girl in the world”, or the story of how a unique eczema support group started.

“Poor darling, with your bandages on your arms; have you hurt yourself?” This question used to be my daughter’s usual greeting at soft plays parties, when her birthday dress would let her eczema garments show. We quickly became used to it and learnt to provide a brief explanation about Gaelle’s skin condition, atopic dermatitis also known as eczema.

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