Mummy, it means I don’t have to listen to the itch!

At QV we understand the importance of real life victory stories, and we love this feedback from a mother of an eczema sufferer…


1 in 5 children suffer from eczema and unfortunately my daughter is one of them! As her mum it was important for myself and my partner to understand her symptoms and triggers, so we can manage it better.

We have regular check-ups with her doctor and keep a food and activity diary to see if we can spot any trigger points. The key for us managing her eczema is to try to keep her symptoms under control, and by understanding the trigger points it helps us! We also use a range of emollients to keep her skin from drying out.

Luckily we were recommended QV by another parent whose child suffered with eczema. After trying samples of these washes and creams, we now have a regular prescription of these products. Rather than wait for a trigger point and for her skin to become sore and itchy we manage her eczema with a range of their products.

We use QV Gentle Wash rather than soap so it doesn’t dry her skin out and make her itchy, and only pat her dry with a towel.

We have found we can help control her sweating with breathable layers of loose clothing and if she does become overheated, a cool bath in QV Bath Oil helps! 

Depending on the severity of the dryness of her skin we tend to use QV Skin Lotion or QV Cream as a preventative measure or for really bad flare ups we use QV Intensive.

Over time we have used many brands and tried so many products to find her some relief and comfort. When tucking her into bed one night she whispered to me “Mummy, I don’t have to listen to the itch any more with this cream!!!”

As a mum it brought tears to my eyes!!