Understanding the real impact of eczema

No matter what age you are, living with eczema can be extremely hard. The itching skin condition can have a negative impact on a person emotionally, as well as physically.

We conducted a survey of almost 1,000* people, and uncovered the devastating impact eczema can have on a person’s emotional wellbeing. Out of those surveyed 64% admitted that they had low self-esteem and 60% felt embarrassed because of their skin. What’s more, despite many respondents admitting how their condition made them feel, 41% hadn’t spoken to anyone about their feelings.

Psychologist Becky Spelman from the Private Therapy Clinic said: “Talking with others about your condition can help with stress and negative feelings associated with the condition.” 

We also uncovered the heartbreaking way eczema sufferers perceive themselves when they look in the mirror

Only 10% liked what they saw when they looked in the mirror and respondents admitted that when they looked at their reflection they saw:

“A burnt monster”
“I feel fine if I’m covered up as people can’t see my horrible eczema scars”
“I feel embarrassed by my eczema, it makes me feel ugly”


As a brand that prides ourselves on products that ease sensitive skin, we want to make eczema more socially accepted, so that those living with it feel comfortable talking about their condition.

Becky Spelman added: “Our society still tends to judge people very much according to their appearance. If someone feels judged as less attractive because of a skin condition they have no control over, that is immensely frustrating and their self-esteem is (understandably) damaged.”

One of the sad things about eczema is that when a person feels stressed and worried their skin condition often gets worse, meaning that those living with eczema can find themselves in a vicious circle.

If someone you know is struggling, don’t be afraid to talk about their eczema and ask them how they feel.



Speak to your GP or Healthcare Professional, or see the following links for support groups and helplines: