Mirror Mirror On The Wall...



Winter can be hard on your skin, with months of cold weather and central heating sapping it of moisture. Many of us will have dry skin as a result, but for those who suffer from a skin condition, the physical and emotional impact can really take its toll.

Sadly, our recent survey* found that 65% of people with a skin condition suffer from low self-esteem and that 42% don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror.

Our survey asked people what they see when they look in the mirror. One participant wrote: “When I look in the mirror I think I’m unattractive and I wonder why I was cursed with certain features?”

Another wrote: “I do not feel confident when I look in the mirror, I feel ugly.”

These answers offer a small glimpse into the harrowing thoughts and feelings that some people are living with on a day to day basis.

To find out what makes people feel better about themselves, our survey also asked respondents to tell us what raises their confidence.

Compliments were one thing that many people said made them feel better, although other answers included spa treatments and makeup.

One answer read: “I feel confident when I’m dressed up to go out.”

Another person wrote: “Getting my nails done and nice clothes help me to feel confident.”

At QV we recognised that problem skin can impact upon self-esteem, but our survey revealed the true extent of it and we found the results upsetting. We wanted to do something to help you see your own beauty and we have a plan of action, so keep your eyes peeled this month to see what we have in store.

Most of us have suffered a lack of confidence at some point in our lives, but if negative body image becomes a long term issue, then it can have a harmful impact upon our lives.

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, or are worried about someone you know, then help is available. Talk to someone you trust or for professional advice, visit www.mind.org.uk.

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* Results from 810 respondents to Confidence survey commissioned by QV via Survey Monkey, 2016