QV Skincare introduces #ConfidenceDay

Today marks QV Confidence Day, where we are encouraging people to stand up and share what they love about themselves.


Sixty percent of British people currently suffer, or have suffered from a skin disease at some point during their lifetime* and it is known that skin conditions and body image concerns go hand in hand for both men and women. 

QV recently conducted a survey to better understand the emotional impact of living with problem skin and it sadly revealed that 42% of Brits don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror.

It also uncovered the thoughts that go through people’s minds when they see their reflection. One respondent wrote: “When I look in the mirror I think I’m unattractive and I wonder why I was cursed with certain features?” Another wrote: “I do not feel confident when I look in the mirror, I feel ugly.” 


We decided that something needed to be done to encourage a positive body image and the idea to hold a day of self-celebration was born. That’s why today we are asking people to take a long look in the mirror and share something they love about themselves on social media using #ConfidenceDay.

It could be your smile, your laugh, or even dress sense and everyone that takes part using the hashtag will automatically be entered into a competition for the chance to win £100 Love2Shop vouchers, so join us on Facebook @QVSkincare or Twitter @QVSkincare_UK and don’t forget to tell your friends! 


We recognise that problem skin can impact upon self-esteem, but we want people to see their own beauty and are urging people to embrace who they are. 

Our survey also uncovered that little things can help to give us a boost, so do something today that makes you feel confident, whether that’s getting dressed up, going for a meal with a close friend or spending time with a loved one.

One participant from our survey said: “Treating myself to things that make me feel good, such as a hair cut, make me feel more confident,” Whilst another wrote: “Being around my friends and family, laughing and wearing clothes that I love makes me feel confident.”


Join us and enter our competition on Facebook @QVSkincare or Twitter @QVSkincare_UK


If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, or are worried about someone you know, then help is available. Talk to someone you trust or for professional advice, visit www.mind.org.uk