Joanne’s story

The next in our ‘A Hand to Hold’ video series focuses on Joanne Doughty.

Joanne’s five-year-old son Max has had eczema since being a baby which mainly presents itself behind his legs and on the inside of his arms.

This has sometimes affected his personality in front of other children whereby he wouldn’t always be himself. He’d often want to sit with his mother and cuddle her rather than play and socialise with his peers. Thankfully, he’s surrounded by positivity from his family and friends who are always so loving towards him.

To help manage his skin condition, Joanne has been putting QV Bath Oil into Max’s bath every night which he’s loved. After his bath, she will apply QV Cream to his skin - particularly to the back of his legs, his arms and also concentrate on folds of skin. 

Joanne wants to encourage people to realise that your skin doesn’t define who you are. People see past your skin and see who you are.

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