Jo's Story

We’d like you to meet Jo Scott.

As part of our A Hand to Hold campaign, we have been speaking to people who cope with a sensitive skin condition on a daily basis.

Jo has had eczema for most of her life - a condition that results in the skin being itchy, dry, cracked and red.[1] It is often the case that those with atopic eczema have periods with mild symptoms as well as periods where symptoms can be more severe. This is the case with Jo.

Jo explained to us that stressful periods in her life can cause eczema to appear on her body. As a result, this can cause her to become self-conscious especially if her eczema is visible; for example, if it were to appear on her face, wearing make-up would usually irritate her condition and she would be better off without it. 

To help manage her condition, Jo uses creams which are rich in moisture and light in weight and avoids putting her hands in water - she wants to advise people to help manage what you’re dealing with in the right way.

You as a person are far more important than what everyone else might see. 


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